Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Making progress

Hello, readers!

Well, here's another much-belated update for you. While I haven't been doing what I'd intended to do, I have been making progress that is inspiring me to move on to my next goal: I've gotten back to writing.

This time, it's a series of stories I hope to publish into an anthology, and a cookbook-in-the-making. It isn't Shifter, sadly, but I'm feeling that each passing day is giving me new ideas to make that one into a better book. Sometimes, you have to take a step or two backward to gain a little perspective.

And getting back into writing is definitely a move in the right direction. It's how I got myself back to finishing Dragon's Destiny (can you believe it's been almost two years since publication???) As you know, great works of any kind -- literature, art, etc. -- don't happen without time, dedication and effort. I want my next book to be the best it can before I'm ready to share it with the world.

I will make sure my next post is not as far in-between as these ones have been lately.

Until then,
Heather Kennison

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