Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I came across my New Year's Resolutions for 2014 the other day, and was pleased at what I had completed. True, there were some pretty important ones that I botched, but all in all I thought I did pretty well. Here's what I accomplished:
  1. Edit and publish Dragon's Destiny. Been there, done that, felt awesome and then depressed and then awesome again. :)
  2. Visit my best friend I did that in April, and it was a blast.
  3. Read five books of the Bible. OK, I didn't achieve this, but I did put in a solid effort by reading the first 100 Psalms or so, plus another of the shorter books. I also did a devotional for a couple of weeks. I think I'll have a better plan for next year...
  4. Edit and submit Shifter. Partly done, I got to Chapter Six in edits. But really, I think I needed another six months...
  5. Complete one item off my bucket list.  Completed several, actually, including building a bear at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Secretly, the real reason I enjoy writing children's books is I'm kind of a child at heart.
  6. Work out more at the gym or at home. No, this did not happen. I may have done it three times...
  7. Write a new novel. That's what National Novel Writing Month is for. This year's project was called Royal Blood.
  8. Hike the real Ruby Dome. Done. Note: I hiked the wrong peak last year due to poor navigation. Peak of failure, I know.
  9. Eat more fruits and veggies. I'm not sure if it was as much as I'd have liked, but I put in a real effort to add carrots to my lunch or eat a little salad, so I'm saying it counts. I would say I ate more than last year.
  10. Drink more water. I'm still working on this, but I put in some effort.

So, six out of ten have been a success, which I think statistically is probably pretty solid. For next year, I thought I would expand on my resolutions and separate my writing resolutions from my personal ones. Here's what you can expect from me in 2015:
  1. Edit and submit Shifter. The plan is to edit it in time for a contest by the end of February. This will require a lot of dedication on my part, but I'm confident I can swing it. Either way, if I fail in the contest, I am planning of seeking out a smaller publisher to pitch my book to.
  2. Finish Royal Blood and begin editing. While I may have reached my 50K, I sort of left it hanging. There's much to be done with the plot here as well.
  3. Write more. I don't care if it's a novel in November or some poetry, I've got to keep up the pace.
  4.  Attend writer's group. Having suffered from a sort of post-NaNo exhaustion, I have failed my fellow writers for the past several weeks. Here's to a new start and new friends.
OK, readers. It's up to you to keep me accountable. I will keep you updated on my progress throughout the year, but can promise you no more than what I have in this list. As much as I would love to write novels for a living, I am required to have a real job while I try and get by. Thanks for the love.

Heather Kennison,

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I did it!

With National Novel Writing Month over, I finally have some time to start writing in my blog again.

First, to update you on my status. I did finish the 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo in my third novel, "Royal Blood." I'm super excited about it and perhaps will post an excerpt here soon.

Second, I did not finish edits to "Shifter," but I am undeterred. I will get to them eventually, and I've had some time to work over some big plot changes in my mind. The book is going to be a lot better once those are made.

Finally, I would like to thank all the local businesses and nonprofits who have helped me sell my books, but more importantly, have helped spread the word. The Bookstore in Elko, owned by Tammi Santistevan, has graciously allowed me two book signings this year. The Elko County Library kindly hosted another book signing and put "Dragon's Destiny" on its shelves for anyone to read -- for free. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Elko welcomed me out for a presentation to the kids, and I met my youngest fan. The Elko County School District has a couple of books in its libraries so children can check them out. Thank you!

That's all for now, folks, but I will try harder from now on to keep you updated.

Heather Kennison,